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The Chronicles of Wild Hollow Title Art

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Wild Hollow here

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'Best Audio Drama'
& 'Best Mixing'
at the Indie PopCon
Podcast Awards 2021

PopCon 2021 Podcast Awards

Shortlisted for
'The Imison Award' by
the Society of Authors

at the BBC audio drama awards 2022

Society of Authors Logo
BBC Audio Drama Awards Logo

The Series

In a far off place, an endless forest grows; sprawling, barren, impenetrable. But beyond the tree line... creatures roam free. A land where adventure lurks around every corner. A land where legends are made. A land, called Wild Hollow.

Shouting Is Funny's debut podcast series 'The Chronicles of Wild Hollow' launched in April 2021 -
Blending epic set-piece drama, oddball comedy, cinematic orchestral score, original songs... and lots of talking animals. 

An original series by Shouting Is Funny.

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